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A Dama feat MC Carol

The band A Dama was created at the end of 2018 and its main founder is the vocalist Alana Sara, who had her first experience in the artistic world being backing vocalist of the band “O Pega”, and was known as “A Dama (The Lady) of the band O Pega". After this stint through the former group, Alana decided to take a risk and lead the band “A Dama” with a sonority of its own, a lot of attitude in its contagious sound, with a “pagofunk groove” and a different beat so that a great repercussion could happen in the “pagode” from Bahia, which was composed mainly of men.

The band, led by a woman, is today the representation of the people from Bahia, taking all the strength and expression of a people who appropriate artistic expressions with pride and joy. The concert is a musical explosion with an engaging, irreverent and very dancing style.

At the beginning of 2020, it started to generate great repercussion in the concerts and the main hits being performed and requested on the main radio stations in the northeast of Brazil. The songs "Faz o Sinal da Bandida" and "Ai pai pirraça" from their first CD, had the support of some artists from Bahia's pagode, such as the singer John - O Poeta (The Poet). It’s regarded as the most frequently performed album in the streets of the Bahian capital. A Dama, as fans affectionately call them, have always been presenting their work in the main local media and have taken part in major events in Salvador and in several northeastern states, with great acceptance by the audience.

Now the group have started to promote the newest project "Sem Fronteiras" (No Frontiers), with authorial songs composed by the leader of the group, Alana Sara. The project has 15 tracks, 10 unreleased songs among them "Ela não é pura", "Anaconda" and "Pau Mandado", which was released in January 2020.

On social networks, the group has been standing out with great numbers. On Instagram, it builds up over 300 thousand followers and the video clip of the song “Ai pai pirraça”, recorded by California Media House and released on the “Mete Som” channel, has already had more than 1 million and 600 thousand views on YouTube.

MC Carol is one of the most important names in funk “carioca” (from Rio de Janeiro). Successful with songs like “Minha vó tá maluca”, recorded on a “Furacão 2000” DVD, MC became known by the great audience in 2015, when she took part in “Lucky Ladies”, a FOX reality show. In 2016, she released “Bandida”, her first album, and surprised by singing themes such as the reality of communities, sexuality and feminism. With such work, MC showed that funk could be used as a weapon, to teach about being resistance. From this album, hits such as “Não foi Cabral”, “Delação Premiada” and “100% Feminista” emerged.

In recent years, the artist has performed in the USA, the UK and Europe, has spoken at Brown University and at the Catholic University of Porto; she was the attraction of the 2019 edition of Rock in Rio; and went viral with her participation in the reality show “Soltos em Floripa”, by Amazon Prime Video. In 2021, MC Carol was announced to be one of the members of the inaugural group of artists of #YouTubeBlack Voices / Fundo Vozes Negras, an initiative conceived by YouTube to enhance black artists and creators. She was also on the cover of Elle View and released "Levanta Mina", the first sample of her new album, "Borogodó", released in July in the same year. The album brought the comic vein - which is characteristic of the artist - besides songs that will address topics such as sexuality from a female point of view, in addition to fat phobia and male chauvinism, issues that the MC fights on a daily basis.

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