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Psirico is considered one of the most highly regarded groups in Bahia and visibly on the rise in the country's music scene. Singer Márcio Victor, an icon of Brazilian percussion, who has worked with Caetano Veloso, Ivete Sangalo, Carlinhos Brown, Daniela Mercury, Marisa Monte, João Bosco, Timbalada and several international artists, brings his experience to the group, and makes the band different, for possessing strongly pulsing percussion, combined with intelligent arrangements, performed by young and talented musicians.
After the unquestionable success of the song Lepo Lepo throughout Brazil and in several parts of the world, the song's video clip was one of the most watched on YouTube with more than 115 million hits, and led the list of the most searched hit on Google. The success of the song earned Márcio Victor the title of artist with the longest screen time on television during the broadcasts of Carnival in Bahia in 2014 and 2015, in addition to major participation in national programs, having even led the Sunday program “Sai do Chão". The international singer Pitbull, together with Márcio Victor, also recorded the song “Lepo Lepo”.
In 2015, they once again won with the Carnival song Tem Xenhenhem. At Carnival 2016, they were the 5th most watched artists during the Carnival period and in 2017, they were the 2nd artist who had greater visibility during the days of the revelry, after the singer Ivete Sangalo in 1st place. At the 2018 Carnival, the group also won as the best song of the carnival with the single “Elas Gostam”, better known as “Popa da Bunda”, an unprecedented partnership with the band ÀttooxxÁ and in that same year, the group scored first place in visibility on TVs during the festivities.

SPECIAL PROJECTS / CARNIVAL 2020 (Last Carnival before the pandemic)
“SÓ TOCA PSI” PROJECT: Singer Márcio Victor stood out with the project entitled “Só Toca Psi” with 10 unreleased songs during the summer, all with web clips released on the group's channel every 15 days. The songs “Subindo e Descendo”, “Balançadinha”, “Empina e Joga” with the participation of the group Os Jecksons and “Vida que Segue” special feat with forró player Jonas Esticado, “Rom Pom Pom” and “Rei Leão”, among others. The project moved around the internet and the group's digital platforms.
In 2020, at the last Carnival before the declared pandemic, the group worked on the songs “Tá Quente” and “Márcio Victor Chegou”.
During the pandemic, the group performed several live online broadcasts of the new projects such as “Retrô do Psi” and “Samba de Roda do Psi”, and released the single “Barril Dobrado”. Singer Márcio Victor also took part in several feats with artists from different musical segments, including Lexa, Bianca, Drika Barbosa, Nego Jhá, MC WS, Rogerinho, Ruxell and MC Rebeca.

New Release 2022

Márcio Victor releases the singles “Esqueça Tudo” and “Swingueira Venenosa”

To liven up summer 2022, singer Márcio Victor released two singles that promise to shake up the liveliest season of the year! The songs “Esqueça Tudo” and “Swingueira Venenosa” are part of Psirico's new Set List. “We've done several cool feats in the last few months, but I needed to release these two songs that have our energy. They're songs that have the identity of Psi, you'll love it” said Márcio Victor excitedly.
The songs are now available on all digital platforms.


Don Juan and Márcio Victor release the song and video clip “Funcionária do mês”

Mc Don Juan and Márcio Victor, from Psirico, released the song and video clip “Funcionária do mês”, bringing all the sensuality and rhythm of Bahia in a connection of funk with Percussive Samba-Pop, combining musicality with the vibrant joy of the pagode from Bahia, making a reinterpretation of the traditional pagode. The composition is by Sergio Santos, Ruxxel and Pablo Bispo. Márcio Victor explained the expectations for this release: "It's a happy song that has that “pagodão” that doesn't let anyone stand still. This single has a national language; it has an absurd force and it has a percussion that reminds me of Psi's “pagodão” roots with the POP influence that suits Don Juan and me, with his style of singing, with his audience. I believe it will fall into the hearts and playlists of many people this summer”, he bets.

The video clip recorded in Salvador, Bahia, reflects what music really is: joy. With vibrant colors and several scenarios, it’s the work that best represents the summer of sunny afternoons with lots of dancing, beautiful women and contagious rhythm. The capital of Bahia was the location chosen by the duo as the setting for the audiovisual, produced by GR6. The first stop was at the beautiful beach of Gamboa, and there they took the opportunity to taste the real Bahian cuisine. After that, they went to Pelourinho, the historic city center, for another recording session. The clip was finished in Camaçari, a city in the industrial center of the state, at the headquarters of the Amvox factory, a company that assembles electronic products, well known in the sound system business and official sponsor of the clip.

According to Don Juan, this different partnership, which unites Percussive Samba-Pop with funk from São Paulo, confirms that musical innovation is the way to go. “The fusion of rhythms and cultures, uniting Funk from São Paulo with the new pagode from Bahia, brings a dancing and agitated rhythm, which promises to be the hit of the summer. I loved embarking on this new challenge. The rhythms fit together perfectly. I am more than happy to be part of this partnership. There will certainly be many more to come," he plans.

Psirico and Barões mix pagode and piseiro and conquer Brazil

Singer Márcio Victor, from Psirico, and the number 1 band in Brazil, “Os Barões da Pisadinha”, launch in the second half of 2021, the new single “Sigilinho”, composed by Cristian Bell and Micael Lucas, on all digital platforms and on Psirico's YouTube channel.

The song, recorded in Bahia, won a video clip with the direction of Chico Kertész, from the renowned producer Macaco Gordo. The clip tells the story of a secret ballad, in a shed in the historic center of Salvador (BA), where cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited, so that they do not have "image leaks". The maxim here is “what happens in secrecy stays in secrecy”. “When I was asked which artist I wanted to record with, the guys of the band Os Barões da Pisadinha always came to my mind. I was dying for the time to come for us to record together and God brought us together. It was great to welcome them here in our land, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a barbecue and all the lightness and joy of these people. Rodrigo and Felipe are from Bahia and our energy is the best. I was dying to record with Felipe, for his musical mix, for the musical influence he is bringing to the market. The song has everything to do with keeping secrets. Felipe Barão and I made the production, with the help of the musicians, who rocked! The song is really lovely, a mixture of piseiro and pagode. It worked out very well and I'm sure that the crowd will like it a lot. It will be one of Psirico's biggest bets this year”, said Márcio Victor excitedly.

The main mark of the song is the mixture of rhythms that rocks between two great and popular rhythms: Bahian pagode and pisieiro. The video features the participation of the Bahian influencers Dum Ice, Cristian Bell, Kanário and Dumzito, in addition to Influencer / TikToker Victor Melo.

The project has a partnership with the record company Sony Music.

New projects
In August 2021, they released a promotional album “Revoado do Psi” and the single “Sigilinho” together with Os Barões da Pisadinha, which already has almost 5 million views.
In October 2021, the group released the song and the video clip “Funcionária do Mês” with Don Juan. The group ended the year with the single “Olha o Tantão” in partnership with Mateusinho and Jotrapê.
On January 14, 2022, they released two singles “Esqueça Tudo” and “Swingueira Venenosa” on digital platforms. Now the group is getting ready to launch 2022 partnerships with singer Daniel Caon, DDP and Cassiano Andrade.
In January 2022, the singer also took part in the programs Altas Horas and Domingão com Huck (Globo), Duelo de Mães (BAND) and Ratinho (SBT).
At Carnival 2020, the artist cheered up the cities Barreiras and Porto Seguro in Bahia. Moreover, he held concerts in the states of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais.

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