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Dawer x Damper

Dawer X Damper: Latin American Afro-Futurism
"The neighborhood, the street, what is ours. Inherited clothes that are too big for us and the silence that speaks through signs. The new men, the same indifference, the sounds they inhabit, a manifesto of who we are, a declaration of the unseen. The stacked desks of abandoned education” – Dawer x Damper

Dawer x Damper was born in the antipodes of Aguablanca, in Cali, a district with a historical burden of violence and rejection. Transiting the invisible borders of marginality towards the urban center, the duo has become the central representative of Latin American Afro-Futurism, in which the identity of their proposal raises reflections on ethnicity, gender and politics from their artistic perspective and musical.

“Pure flow and aesthetics”.
Distorting the discourses around the imaginary of the black man, as an exotic figure and hyperbole of virility, Dawer x Damper as a duo builds an identity in which vulnerability is allowed, in which gender stereotypes are subverted to add to a proposal which includes not only the music, but also unfolds in the audiovisuals that accompany their singles, the clothes they wear in clips and live, and the way they construct their lyrics to leave aside the pre-designed dynamics of urban music, to rescue and propose new masculinities closer to vulnerability and honesty.

Dawer x Damper's proposal has a social component that coexists with the colorful sounds of their advanced dembow. Their concern for issues of ethnicity and culture have made them spokespersons for the Afro population, exposing in their lyrics and videos the difficult circumstances of a doubly marginalized sector: because they are Afro and because they are poor. "Do you think I'm an alien, or what?" They ask angrily in "Quilo", referring to the processes of invisibility suffered by their peers. Using afrobeat, dembow and dancehall as the motor of their artistic sensibility, Dawer x Damper inserts themselves into the mainstream to transmit a message of transformation for the sake of a more plural and inclusive society. It's not science fiction: it's the neighborhood.

Since 2021 they catched attention as a result of a series of remarkable news in their career, among which are: their participation in the Netflix series "Ritmo Salvaje" (starring Greicy) where they added 4 songs to the original soundtrack and their appearance in the series; their participation in Facebook LATAM Season hosted by Lila Dawns; they were signed by Warner/Chappell Music publishing company; their get artistic contract with Warner Music Mexico record label, their participation in the huge Coca-Cola Flow Fest and the invitation to be part of LAMC 2022

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