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ÀTTØØXXÁ & Karol Conká

Karol Conká

In February 2021, Karol Conká was eliminated from Big Brother Brazil with a record rejection. Out of the show, she encountered the relentless judgment, hatred and aggressiveness of millions of people for her behavior in the game. The way she found to face everything — her own demons, her haters’ demons — was the same one she's resorted to since she was a little girl: music. Two months after the elimination, in April, she entered the studio with producer Rafa Dias (RDD, of ÀTTOOXXÁ) and in two weeks, she prepared the songs that now appear in her fourth album, “Urucum” (Sony Music).

— At that moment, what did I have? My music, my truth – remembers the rapper.
— I had to understand why I put myself in that situation and what I needed to get out of it. I dove into the truth. It was a lot of pain, a lot of anguish, because I came to believe what the media and social networks said about me. But these songs, as well as the therapy, brought me to reality, to whom I am. The album reflects this withdrawal, this healing process. I managed to make peace with vulnerability. Because I grew up thinking “I'm a black woman, I can't be vulnerable”.

Throughout the 11 tracks of “Urucum”, Karol exposes what she saw by looking inside herself — but also inside the gears of the hate machine that rose outside her. No resentment, no self-pity, no revenge. Instead of these minor feelings, the affirmative potency of someone who knows they are alive — potency that vibrates in the straight talk verses and RDD's Bahian heat beats.


ÀTTØØXXÁ was created in 2015 to elevate “Pagodão”, a marginalized rhythm from Salvador, to the status of Pop music. Based on experimentalism, the group presents a musical revolution, integrating Pagodão with peripheral sounds from various parts of the world and with what is most contemporary in the production of worldwide Bass Culture, with a contemporary, transcendental and Afrofuturist aesthetics, far from clichés.

Formed by RDD (DJ, vocals and music producer); Raoni Knalha (vocals); OZ (vocals and drums) and Chibatinha (electric guitar), ÀTTØØXXÁ brings ancestry in its essence. Their hits sew these concepts together, inviting the body to dance and recognize itself in the past, present and future, amplifying peripheral voices and breaking barriers. The result is more than 100 million streams on platforms, a nomination for the best national concert on Guia Folha 2018, an award for best recorded performance at the 2020 M-V-F Awards and hits recorded in partnership with artists such as Major Laser, Ludmilla, Luedji Luna, Mulú, Psirico, Parangolé and Heavy Baile.

ÀTTØØXXÁ is the music of the future that makes itself present, an ancestral groove that integrates the world with Bahia and places Bahia in the world.

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