Battle of the 1Bands


Three-time Grammy Awarding winning Vocal Percussionist "RAHZEL" has mastered, then re-defined the art of beatboxing into the new millennium, emergivg as a true virtuoso in this quintessential musical art form. Rahzel doesn't play any instruments, RE IS TEE INSTRunNT ! ! Rahzel's singular ability to re-create full songs without instrumentation, sing achorusandprovidethemusicalmelodysimultaneously,andinvokeaplethoraofsound effects on a whim creates an inimitable visual and sound experience. One leaving audiences across 40 countries, 350 cities sturmed and hungry for more, as evidenced by the collective 30 million+ YouTube hits thus far. Rahzelismostpopularlyknownasmemberemeritusofhiphop'scuttingedgeliveband,The Roots, but has lent his talents to musical artists of all genres. A highly sought after vocalist, Rahzel has collaborated by touring, recording, producing, whting or perfoming with such artist as AngeliqueKidjoe, BeastieBoys,Beck,BenHarper,Bjork,BobbyMCFerrin,Bootsy Collins, Branford Marsalis, Christina Aguilera, Common, Cee Lo Green, Dave Chapelle, ErykahBadu,Everlast,FaithnoMore,JohnLegend,LouReed,MichelleNdegeocello,Mike Patton,Maroon5,MixMasterMike,MethodsofMayhem,NonaHendrix,NorahJones,Patti Smith, Phillip Glass, Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Toots and the Maytals, The Crystal Method and The Who at such venues as Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center,BrooklynAcademyofMusic,MadisonSquare,Gardens,MetLifeStadium,Roseland Ballroom,WaltDisneyTheater,RedRockAmphitheater,HollywoodBowlandCoachella Music Festival. WhilenothingbeatsthewonderofseeingRahzelliveanddirect,thathasn'tstoppedhim fromexpandingintotheTvffilmandCoinmercial/Voiceoverworld,lendinghisincredible Talents to Paramount Pictures, MGM Pictures, Universal Pictures, Pepsi & Pepsi products, AmericanExpress,Twix,Aflac,Nickelodeon,NickJr.,ComedyCentral,RedbullMusic Academy, Trace TV, Revolt TV, Fuse TV, MTV, MTV2, BET and Adult Swim. So what's next for this artistic visionary? Rahzel continues to eschew trends in favor of redefiningtheboundariesofvocalexpression.Expectanewandexplosivestageshow combining vocal arrangements, music and artistic visunls; the perfect way to usher in Rahzel's next solo recording project for 2015. In addition, Rahzel has bridged over to the art world by collaborating with the world-renowned electronic visual artist Rafael Lozano- Hemmer with two installments "Voice Array" and the "Open Air Project" which debuted in New York, Montreal and Philadelphia. Rahzel also plans more collaborative efforts with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer internationally in 2015. Like sound itself, Rahzel's talents move beyond the limits of the sky.


Attention all rebels, misfits, and non-conformists! It’s time to mark your calendars because AFROPUNK BROOKLYN 2023 is coming. Get ready for an unapologetically fierce celebration of black culture and music, taking place on August 26th and 27th.



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