Battle of the 1Bands


Fueled by self-love and manifested dreams, Baby Tate is forever evolving. The Atlanta-based artist, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, has a new, concise moniker, but the 25-year-old’s sound remains sprawling. Within a single body of work, you’ll hear summery pop, amorous R&B, and hard-hitting hip-hop. Baby Tate’s debut project, 2015’s ROYGBIV, saw her exercising full creative control as a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and engineer—independent skills she’s honed since she was a kid. She’s made concept albums and also unrestrained hits—all the while prioritizing female empowerment and joy, as evidenced by her cohesive, yet varied 2020 EP After the Rain, the home of her viral, confidence-boosting hit “I Am.”Baby Tate’s debut Warner Records single, “Pedi,” shows off yet another side of her work. While “I Am” was all about uplifting affirmations, “Pedi” lets it be known that she’s not one to play with. Over high-energy production that brings to mind the rowdy sounds of Miami bass of the ’80s and ’90s, she raps playfully but with a hint of intimidation. “I’m a petty-ass bitch, don’t try me.” she raps. “I’ll send a screenshot to your mommy.” For Baby Tate, flipping between these modes is natural—it’s just part of being a fully realized human and her range as an artist. “When we get into spirituality and positivity and manifestation, people always think, ‘Oh, you have to be 100 percent positive, 100 percent of the time,’” she says. “And that’s so not true.” Baby Tate has been a chameleon since birth. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, her parents are soul singer Dionne Farris and musician/producer David Ryan Harris. Raised by her mother in a single-parent household, Baby Tate was surrounded by music from an early age, stirring up an innate curiosity that turned into an all-consuming passion.


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