Battle of the 1Bands

Hello Yello

It’s difficult to categorize Hello Yello, a brand new band that artfully bridges punk, grunge, emo and hip-hop. That’s how they like it. Growing up in Oakland’s famously experimental music scene, Dylan (22, vocals and guitar), his younger brother Jaden (20, bass), and their friend Martin (20, drums) learned to color outside the lines. The music is bold, anguished, and exhilaratingly raw, with nostalgic echoes of ‘90s grunge, punk, and ska. Gritty live textures and hypnotic patterns evoke a thrilling range of emotions. “We wanted the energy of each song to shift over time, like a meditation,” Dylan says. Parts of their debut EP have a way of sneaking up on you, unfolding like lazy rivers that suddenly drop into free-fall. Meanwhile, the unexpectedly melodic “Feel That Again” blends reggae rhythms, sharp snares, and heady electric guitar wobbles to make a hazy, laidback anthem that’s unmistakably West Coast.