Battle of the 1Bands


Hailing from Greensboro, NC, Collin, Taylor, Jeffrey, Patrick, and Siid come together for their love of music as BLACK HAÜS. The underground scene of the small college city began blooming around them, as BLACK HAÜS began to be known for their loud ass instrumentalism with always the right mix of soul and screams.

Genre-bending as much as their individual personalities, this 5-piece group leans on the likes of the experimental golden age of post-hardcore (specifically a toast to midwest poetic headbangers) and the West Coast alternative/rap boys of today to blend together something totally their own. From melancholic to ultra hype, they methodically string in outbursts to create a layered, emotional experience by song, “RUN IT BACK” is their first studio-recorded single.

Just five black boys creating, and it’s something you’ve never heard before.