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BLOOD $MOKE BODY (formerly known as ‘Nazeem & Spencer Joles’) is an Alternative Hip Hop experience from Southside Minneapolis.
While attending Southwest High School, they began experimenting with different styles of music, (originally intending to take shape with a ‘Rage Against the Machine’ influence), but eventually found themselves creating a foundation in Hip-Hop. Thus, the duo - Nazeem & Spencer Joles was born. After creating a name for themselves and expanding their team in more recent years, they made the artistic decision to rebrand under a more universal and group-oriented name, BLOOD $MOKE BODY, after adding their DJ, Liban Mahamoud.
Since then, they've gone on to perform at major events like Soundset (2017), Summerset (2017) as well host "SOLD OUT" events of their own in the Twin Cities market. People from all over the country are beginning to take notice, including major satellite radio station "Shade45" as well as DASH Radio using their music for The NBA 2K League Show coverage show.
BLOOD $MOKE BODY has taken influences from their past, ideas from their future, and the soul of the present to create raw, insightful stories, witty ideas, and goosebump-inducing melodies that draw you in, make you laugh, bring you to tears, or drive you to action. All while producing and engineering it all themselves.

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