AFROPUNK em Português Brasileiro

In 2022, We made history. In 2023, Our Reunion is Scheduled.

December 21, 2022

Back in the day, we had a special dream: make the first AFROPUNK Latin edition in the blackest city outside of Africa, Salvador. On Nov 26 and 27, this dream came to life, in such a powerful, diverse, and revolutionary way. AFROPUNK Bahia was a contemporary gathering of black culture established in the beauty of our ancestry. There, we celebrated our amazing artists, each one in it’s genre, an example of how impressive we are when we have the place to manifest our #BlackExcellence! Black entrepreneurs were a huge part of the creative circle built around the festival. Fashion designers, barber shops, braiders: our community thrived with our audience. In order to make the festival even better, amazing sponsors gathered with our crew, in the most respectful and joyful way. Through the allure of collectiveness, creative minds from various backgrounds made this historical experience.

Connecting with our community across the world has been one of AFROPUNK’s biggest goals. Major thanks to our team at AFROPUNK Bahia, our amazing artists and, of course, the LITTEST audience ever!

We’ll be together again on Nov 18 and 19. Make sure you book your flights ASAP!