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afropunk bahia kicks off on 27 november: live on planet afropunk

November 26, 2021

“Our mission is to celebrate and promote, today and always, the genius of the artistic expressions of peoples born in the African diaspora and our brothers and sisters from the sacred place we call Brazil today”. This is how AFROPUNK Bahia presents itself, powerful and present, turning its look to the cultural legacy that the country carries, from the city with the largest black and black community outside the African continent, Salvador. Thus, the AFROPUNK world festival culminates the concern to foster a multicultural experience in Bahia and marks its official debut. With different formats and special meetings, the 1st edition of AFROPUNK Bahia brings an affirmation-convocation: let’s blacken the screens beyond black canvases. Bringing together great talents, like creative direction is signed by Bruno Zambelli and Gil Alves, while the music curator is by the singer Larissa Luz and the content by researcher Monique Lemos. Ênio Nogueira is in charge of the musical direction. 

Let’s dominate and let’s go together! The AFROPUNK Bahia quilombo is the place where our people express themselves in the rhythm and in the wake of our diaspora in a radical act of self-love: forming the black circle – “Roda dos pretos”. Circle is continuity, eye to eye. Make connections and see the magic happen. Circle is visual amplitude, where everyone sees themselves, without one being above or highlighted. Together, shoulder to shoulder.

“Roda de Samba”, “Roda de Capoeira”, “Roda do Punk”, “Roda do Xirê”. Our circle has never stopped turning since we got here.

We opened the AFROPUNK Bahia circle.Between live performances, broadcast directly from Salvador, and content previously recorded especially for the festival – including materials from a public call -, we built spaces to exalt black and Afro-indigenous protagonisms, bringing together great talents in 5 hours of programming broadcast in our official YouTube channel and on the platform. In the production chain for the festival, brands such as Coca-Cola, Devassa and Nubank join the edition as sponsors. “Holding an event like AFROPUNK Bahia is a challenge in several instances, I believe it is a challenge directly proportional to the importance of this celebration. Having brands with a view to this initiative is essential to get the idea off paper”, says Monique Lemos, researcher and curator of the festival’s content in the country. Each partner brand will participate in AFROPUNK Bahia with exclusive actions that will mark their presence at the event. More than a platform and a festival, we are a worldwide movement. We have redefined the modern multicultural experience and here there is no room to be less than you are. Aquimbamento space, our differences make us plural. And also, now more than ever, we are Brazil. Let’s build and amaze.

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