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“La Mayor” By Rony Hernandes Pays Homage to Brazilian Art, Culture and Beauty

May 9, 2022

The series was born from the desire to connect different artistic segments to photography, with the aim of reaffirming the talent of Brazilian artists, generating a  questioning from what is consumed in relation to art. 

What was supposed to result in a single image becomes a photographic series. “La Mayor” arises from the interest in making another image for an authorial sequence. The serie is the result of this first photo. Rony Hernandes, navigating references from art history and his repertoire, creates reinterpretations with an initial premise: a persona on a pedestal. The photographer addresses topics such as Mythology, Art History and black Brazilian narratives in order to propose a questioning about the appreciation of national art.

The series makes us think and question why the culture of European countries is so exalted, while in Brazil there is a huge cultural diversity that is worthy of praise. Portraying a Brazilian Medusa provokes a more precise look at the national, at the production of art in Brazil and not only at what is created internationally. The title is based on one of the catchphrases used by Clementaum, the model.

Photographer: Rony Hernandes

Model: Clementaum


styled: Brabo

beauty: Vitor Augusto

making-of: Moana Marques

assisted by Denise Silva

text: Gabriel Santana 

special thanks: Casa Nua, Awa and Flavia Pereira