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He got his start in 2015 uploading Saxophone remixes of his favorite songs on SoundCloud. “I used to do this series called Arbitrary Sax, where I’d rip a beat from SoundCloud, play sax on it, then dedicate it to a woman on Instagram at random” Through this he attracted talented producers and artists. As he grew an organic fan base this led to a Twitter invitation to perform in the middle of Brooklyn... a day that can be considered his defining moment.

“I set up a table and all my equipment in the middle of the street and started playing sax and making a beat. I attracted this huge crowd. It was this live block party until some lady came up to me rudely asking to shut it down. Before a compromise could occur, she ran to her apartment building and began raining down what I hope was water filled balloons. Shortly after, I met that man Justin Scarbrough who would make my life much more organized.”

Masego used that Brooklyn moment as energy to push harder. He asked his favorite beat makers and artist managers for advice.

“Ta-ku gave phenomenal advice which really encouraged me.”

Masego spent months traveling the east coast by car, soaking up new environments. Youtube can be credited for daily inspiration leading him to stumble across some artists that inspire him to this day. Ebrahim, Ed Sheeran, Kimbra, and Bernhoft to name a few. It was the art of looping which led Masego to buy his own looping equipment. This eventually resulted in him chiseling his musical identity.

Masego’s music was originally coined “TrapHouseJazz” and, if you had to give the music a genre, has recently grown into emotion. He brings the spirit of Cab Calloway to life when he chants “HidyHo.”

“If they see my show, it’ll all make sense.”

He boasts an incredible live show that evolves city by city, country by country. Fans and critics have compared It to Morris Day and the Time meets MJ’s Dangerous tour. Lady Lady is his phrase, album, and world. Lady Lady means my love and it describes his dream world of radiant, powerful women. His most recent work takes you through his relationships, conversations, and interactions with the women in his life.

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All Live Bands


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