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What It Takes for a Self-Funded Black-Owned Fragrance Brand to Thrive

November 1, 2022

Trends may come and go, but the power of fragrance is timeless. While we all have our preferences, there’s nothing like the perfect scent to seal the deal on creating iconic and unique personal flair. 

This mindset is key where the distinctive, Black-owned B Fragranced is concerned. AFROPUNK is taking a look into the world of this illustrious fragrance house and what it takes to make it in the modern, fast-paced beauty industry. 

Perfume Prattle

Many of us have heard the timeless saying, “Without perfume, the skin is mute.” Much like the effect of well-placed accessories, finishing your fit with a curated scent adds a certain amount of panache. 

According to a study by the NPD Group, over 85 percent of Black and Hispanic Americans wear fragrances more than other ethnicities in the United States. Also, according to recent Nielsen data, more than 22 percent of women’s fragrance sales — roughly $152 million, is attributed to Black consumers. 

While Black fragrance consumers are high, the industry still lacks diversity regarding creators of perfumes and colognes. 

Kimberly Waters, owner of famed fragrance retailer MUSE in Harlem, NYC, is no stranger to this fact. As quoted in Allure Magazine, “Black fragrance consumers exist, and we definitely outnumber the Black creators behind the brands,” Waters says. 

B Fragranced Behind the Scenes

Black Perfumers like Marilyn Jones of B Fragranced are shaking up this statistic, one standout scent at a time. Jones brings a sense of realism to what it means to be a perfumer while at the same time being honest about the nature of the industry.

“When you hear fragrance, there’s a perception that this is only done in France, or celebrity endorsements tie you in. I was self-taught and later took classes on fine fragrance compositions. I worked my corporate job to self-fund my business,” Jones explains. 

While Jones didn’t have the background of traditional perfumers, her drive and passion for fragrance propelled her to heights. 

Ardent Aromatics

B Fragranced was born out of a place of love and appreciation. The purpose behind B Fragranced is not just a scent but to invoke feeling and emotion. 

“When I was five years old, my mother died of breast cancer. Growing up, I had no memories of her but her smell. This birthed a passion and love for fragrances. So, I decided to create a fragrance as unique as the individual who wears it. It’s more than a fragrance; it’s a memory in a bottle,” Jones says, speaking of her classic fragrances. 

With a focus on always putting your best face forward, Jones advises, “Don’t live a life in a comparison spirit; that’s easy to do in this industry. You can easily get wrapped up in doing what others are doing because it seems to be the right way.”

When it comes to success, Jones emphasizes faith. 

“Don’t neglect the gift that God gave you to win.”