Radical Self Care


October 31, 2022

Nothing is scarier than embarking on a new journey, whether it’s changing careers, moving to a new country or simply picking up a new hobby, we all face some sort of fear. Often when change is happening, we turn to that voice within us, which can either encourage us to take a leap of faith or manifest itself as doubt. Pinterest has launched a new  “Don’t Don’t Yourself” which encourages us to silence self doubt and start doing. “Don’t Don’t Yourself” serves as a mantra to those who want to silence self criticism, get rid of self censorship and the fear of doing. These days it’s much easier to feel you don’t deserve a seat at the table because of the content overload we see on social media. We spend large amounts of time on our phones seeing our peers do great things and we often feel that we don’t have the ability to do so ourselves. With the new campaign, Pinterest hopes to help break down walls and barriers that interfere with a person’s mental health and keep them from creating a life they love.

The fear of “doing” can overcome each and every one of us and can manifest itself in ways that make you feel like a fraud, even if you have achieved success before. For maximum visibility, Pinterest has launched a campaign that will run across TV, cinema, billboards, social media and streaming platforms, explaining how to help people overcome blockers like “doomscrolling” through the simple act of doing.

“We spend up to half of our waking time online, but more than ever, people say being online makes them feel disconnected from themselves and their interests,” says Andréa Mallard, Pinterest CMO. “Our latest campaign highlights how Pinterest is a different side of the Internet, where you can focus more on doing and less on viewing, where you can find what you love and forget about likes and where you can plan your life and try something new, free of judgment.”

You can watch the campaign videos below: