Meet Emir Horton: The Black Luxury Watch Owner Creating A Timeless Brand

July 26, 2022


By: Eartha Hopkins

The tragic murder of George Floyd and an earnest push from #BlackLivesMatter continue to drive industries to address systemic racial inequality. Social media earmarked the cumulative efforts of Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs leading in efforts to restructure the markets across sectors to create a substantial impact. 

An example of one Black-owned business is The Eartha Watch Company. Founder and owner Emir Horton launched his company in September 2020 and set his sights on cornering the market long overdue for change. 

The brand’s collection of luxury watches oozes allure and sophistication. The dimensions of 43mm (men) and 40mm (women) make for a comfortable fit with a mesh strap for a stylish look. They are designed with scratch-resistant Saphire glass, guaranteeing protection. 

Inspired by Horton’s grandmother, the brand’s name is a tribute to her strength, resilience, and inspiration. 

“My grandmother represents strength; she goes through things you would never know she’s going through things because she’s so focused on you. That’s where I get my inspiration from; to continue to mirror that light that she has so that I can do it in my authentic and unique way so that I can show other people how to shine their light in their authentic way.”

Connecting time to a mission

What makes The Eartha Watch Company unique is the intention behind every design.

“The focus of my brand is to connect people to their purpose. Our slogan is connecting time to the mission. The mission is anything, but for me as a leader, it is to provide people with that experience and resources to tap them to their highest potential and purpose.”

Between receiving low pay cuts and being homeless, Horton’s persistence and perseverance created the opportunity and resources. 

“Instead of me solely depending on Hollywood to support me financially, I am going to launch a business in another billion-dollar industry that I’m passionate about to support me financially and as I grow in the entertainment industry to launch my own production company and build my network,” Horton said.

Building a lasting legacy 

It’s always inspiring to see young Black entrepreneurs thrive, especially as there isn’t enough representation and inclusivity in the industry. Touted as the most youthful Black luxury watch owner in the country, he admits that regardless of the pressure, he is humbled to have people look up to him.

“Right now, I want to reach as many people as possible, and I want to start giving away scholarships; I want to start giving away small business grants. I want the business to be in a position to do those things. The goal is not to provide my customer with a product; it’s an experience. We don’t just sell products; we give back to our community.”