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Unleash The Freak…These Black Women Are Getting Real About Taboo Sex

March 11, 2022

It seems like women and femmes are having a collective sexual awakening of sorts. From “Slut Walks” to “Heaux Tales,” the general move towards sex-positivity has resonated particularly well with Black women who are fed up with negative connotations and attitudes about their bodies and their sexuality.

Black women are embracing these movements and conversations and doing the work to destigmatize sex, sex work, kinks, and fetishes. The latter two are really the new sexual frontier for Black folks. Culturally, so many sexual topics and behaviors remain taboo for Black people. 

Here are three creators working hard to break those barriers:

Jet Set Jasmine

Recently, Jet Set Jasmine took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes footage of the latest production she and husband King Noire are co-directing: an adult film where the partners are both acting, alongside fitness model and actress Leah Michelle.

The post included the hashtag #PornAndParenting. Jasmine – who is currently seven months pregnant – uses the tag and a profile page of the same name to share what motherhood looks like for her. 

In addition to being adult content creators, she and her husband are also Master Fetish Trainers. The duo helps people explore fetishes in a safe and educational space, manufacture a collection of sex toys while actively fighting to combat racism in the porn industry.

They are also the parents of two adult children, a toddler, and have a baby on the way. Jasmine shares these aspects of her life openly and freely because moms deserve orgasms too, duh!

Venus Cuffs

Surprisingly even sex-positive, inclusive safe spaces can feel a little less so for Black cis and trans women. For years, pro-domme Venus Cuffs is working to change that, becoming one of the most respected promoters in New York City.  

“In the party promotion industry, there aren’t a lot of Black women or trans women that get taken seriously enough to be hosting events at House of Yes or different nightclubs,” she told Paper Mag. “They don’t really take Black promoters seriously, because they just think we’re all ‘ghetto,’ or we’ll bring a bad crowd, or we aren’t responsible or professional.” 

Before entering the nightlife space, Venus also worked to create safe working conditions for marginalized sex workers – from hosting sex parties, to shadow sponsoring, to making her BDSM dungeon available to other pro-dommes.

Mandii B & Weezy

Mandii B and Weezy co-hosts the Whoreible Decisions Podcast and are leading an audience of millions in conversations about an array of sexual topics. The longtime friends share their own uncensored experiences about everything from pegging, to fantasies, to sexplay involving multiple partners and multiple genders. 

Their infectious chemistry gives the show a BFF vibe that resonates with their audiences. Creating their wide-open platform, the duo are serving as a blueprint for more women to have these types of discussions with their sisters and sister-friends.