INTERVIEW: Hasan Salaam – Emcee, Activist and “Master Fetish Trainer” (!)

November 4, 2013

When I first caught wind of Hasan Salaam’s Music Is My Weapon/It Takes A Village community project in Guinea Bissau, I immediately got in touch to help spread the word. We’ve been cool ever since, and friends for about a year and a half now. Hasan Salaam is an emcee, a community activist and also an Erotic Touch Masseuse/ Master Fetish Trainer.
There is a duality in all of us that most of us know and accept as long as it’s behind closed doors. But when it’s in our faces, out in the open… some of us struggle to truly accept them. Perhaps this is due to insecurities of our own. In my opinion, Hasan Salaam definitely lives an alternative lifestyle in the eyes of the sexually reserved masses.
In saying that, as adults, we are all sexual beings. Sex is natural. We’re all doing it. And to put it frankly… some of us could use a bit of help. Let’s face it, not everybody is naturally gifted in the sexual domain. Whether it be, a lack of confidence, imagination or even just a bit of fun, there is a market for Hasan and his super sexy services. Here’s something for your adventurous side!
Meet Hasan Salaam… My Friend. The Fundraising, Fetishist Emcee. Viva la revolución!

Interview by Ayara Pomells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Who is Hasan Salaam?

By reading the rest of this interview you will learn a little more about me.

What is ‘conscious rap?’

Who knows? I can’t really tell you. I don’t pay attention to categories like that. I love music I love Hip-Hop.

Do you feel as though you fit into this category?

I don’t color within the lines, I don’t fall in order and I don’t fit into simple boxes.  So honestly no I don’t, but that’s because I don’t like to categorize my music at all. I think categories are for critics, record labels and stores to sell music. Every artist has an individual style and sound, and the generalizations made can take away from that. It’s detrimental in a few ways, I think certain labels are used to divide the culture as in, this dude is “conscious” this one is “street” so I don’t listen to or identify with one or the other based on a category instead of just listening to the music and making up my own mind. Also if an artist feels locked into a sound by their label or category its stifles their creativity. I’m a musician, I spit and that’s what it is.

Does making positive music make it hard for people to accept other aspects of your life?

I would hope not. I am by no means nor in no way do I claim to be a perfect person. I make the music I make because it’s who I am and what I love to do. My music is my life, I add it all in there in some shape form of fashion, I think at times people can have selective hearing with my work. Only thing I have promised is that my music is honest that’s all, for better or worse you will get my life, my experiences and my honest opinion. I think sometimes people put expectations on artists, athletes or public figures that they do not accept or aspire to for themselves. It’s like they want perfection from strangers so they can point the finger when they fall short.

You’re an activist/emcee by day and an ‘adult entertainer’ at night. Where is the balance between the two and do you feel as though you have found it?

The balance is that I love what I do. I get to express myself through all of my talents and help people in different areas. Though music I’ve had the opportunity to see the world, meet amazing people and use my music to build and inspire positive things in the world. Adult entertainer is part of what I do but it is also an understatement. With our adult erotica company I empower women and couples to explore their sensuality and new forms of intimacy, we do workshops for people who were victims of physical and sexual abuse and reintroduce them intimacy and sexuality in a healthy way. We increase awareness of different lifestyle and show that everyone has a little kink in them so judgment has no place in the bedroom.

What is your role in adult entertainment?

As King Noire I am a Fantasy Flight Party host. Erotic Touch Masseuse. Entertainer. Body Altitudes Wellness & Fitness Coach. Mile High Club Radio Show Co-Host. Master Fetish Trainer. Cal Exotic Sexpert Blogger. I have done live shows, internet and video work, and Couples Intimacy Workshop Facilitator.   

What the hell is a Master Fetish Trainer?

I help singles and couples introduce fetishes into their lives and relationships. Se is a natural part of life. Sexual repression and oppression is just as detrimental as repression or oppression of other forms of expression. This is exactly what we help our clients with. Not taking it out of closed doors but helping them embrace their sexuality.

Which kind of fetishes?

Some common fetishes are; S&M and bondage. I teach people how to bring it up to their partner. Different ways to engage from mild to wild.

How long have you been doing it? What made you do it?


I did my first adult work as soon as I was legal to do it. I had a friend and she danced at a club in Philly. A photographer wanted to use her in a scene for an adult magazine. Most magazine shoots are all innuendo no sex but she didn’t want to be in a sexual situation with a stranger, she knew me and my body so suggested they use me as well. I wound up making something like four or five hundred dollar for an hour’s work. At the time I had been kicked out of my house and my other prospects were not as legal so I decided to see what the biz had to offer. I wound up leaving the adult stuff alone for years due to doing community work taking all of my time and energy outside of music but I was laid off from my job a few years back and a new opportunity presented itself. I had just lost a child, me and my fiancé broke up add all that up with losing my job and bouncing from spot to spot couch surfing looking for a new home I was kind of lost. A friend of mine said she wanted a stripper for her birthday party and at first jokingly I said I would do it! After she saw a few pictures she was convinced and my second run got started. The difference this time around is I do it out of love, not necessity. I believe that sexual expression is artistic expression. What I do is different than the average. In my opinion most male reviews are men’s ideas of what they think women want to see/do. What makes our Fantasy Flight parties different is we ask what women want and we listen. There is a huge double standard in regards to sexuality in the world. For men it’s ‘do what you want/boys will be boys’ and for women, there is a negative perception if she exhibits sexual strength and/or independence. I hope to help change all that.      

What kind of reactions do you get from the women at these parties?

The ladies typically have a very positive reaction. They are excited to learn new things about themselves, their friends, and eager to bring what they have learned back to their partners. They feel great about having an environment that is safe to explore new things and facilitators that won’t judge their ideas, fantasies, or questions posed during the party.

Who typically, is your Fantasy Flights clientele? Hen Parties? Single ladies? Married women? Gay/straight?

The average Fantasy Flight client is women age 25-40. There is a fair balance of single and married women. We also host co-ed events where most are couples looking to enhance their intimacy and or improve their interpersonal communication skills as a couple. Our clients are mostly heterosexual men and women, but we continue to reach into all demographics as everyone can learn something new.

Also, if you don’t mind – answering what your family think about your job(s)?

My mother was a community health activist, and she trained most of the school nurses in New Jersey; she taught Sex Education and Health Awareness Courses. She loves what we do. The rest of my family still can’t believe it, but they think it’s cool.


How does religion play a part in your life?

I believe in being the best man I possibly can, to treat everyone fairly and keep an open mind. We are all from and of the most high.  

Do your fans understand your ‘double life’ or do you face a lot of negative criticism?

Kind of a loaded question being that I don’t consider it a double life. It’s my life, if people don’t understand or feel negatively about it that’s their business. Ever since my first mixtape I spoke about my background in adult entertainment, it’s always been a part of my music.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that people make about the adult industry?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that just because someone is in the adult industry that they will sleep with anybody. Usually the person who has something bad to say about a stripper is the person who tried to go too far and got rejected; now they want to talk shit. A boxer doesn’t just walk around punching people in the face, they save it for the ring. Also that everyone is soulless in regards to love and sex.

If you had to describe all that you are into just one, simple title… what would it be?

Hasan Salaam

What else are you working on?

I’m working on ‘Life In Black & White’ my new album will be coming out on Viper Records in 2014. Raj from FLoW and I are still working on the Music Is My Weapon/It Takes A Village project to put solar panels on the medical clinic in Guinea Bissau, all the profits from the album have gone to build a school, fresh water well and the medical facility. I am also building our Adult Erotica Company, Jet Setting Jasmine LLC & Sensual Noire and enjoying living life to the fullest.   

Where can our readers find out more about you?

Instagram & Twitter:  @HasanSalaam

Website: and (for music)

For Adult Erotica Events: (Instagram: @thekingnoire & @jetsettingjasmine)

Link to Music Is My Weapon on iTunes

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