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how AFROPUNK battle of the bands alumni BYHAZE is collecting major nft coins

February 7, 2022

Singer-songwriter Shane Fuller – better known as BYHAZE – crafts unique soundscapes that awaken the soul. The Essex County artist has been blessing audiences with musical tapestries that are timeless and innovative. 

Sonic healing, visual evolution, and artistic philanthropy,’
You don’t listen to BYHAZE; you experience it. Take “Affirmation,” for example. A host of manifestations set against a backdrop of chill neo-R&B beats and acoustic licks, “Affirmation” sets the tone for BYHAZE’s whole mission in music.

Fuller has a background as a community organizer and activist, implementing a South African philosophy called Ubuntu which prioritizes compassion and human kindness above all else. This energy all shines through BYHAZE’s art.

As an “architect of holistic sounds,” BYHAZE seeks community progression through sound and vision, bestowing upon the world his effervescent and refreshing brand of “Black boy joy.”

That joy shines through all mediums, with bright, bold cover art that celebrates and invokes Black Atlantic culture. Whether levitating into a cerulean sky on the cover of “Clarity (Acoustic)” or depicted with monarch wings against a peachy sunset on the cover of “Fly & Free,” BYHAZE’s aesthetic is striking and resonant.

A new pathway
Like many independent artists these days, BYHAZE has recently pivoted into the world of NFTs. In fact, “Affirmation” was the first piece he minted on Zora, with bids coming in within hours. 

“As an avid lover of community through my past work in the nonprofit realm, I saw NFT’s as an opportunity to not only connect and grow with like-minded artists but to learn and share knowledge that economically empowers me and artists in my community back home. I feel like it’s a great opportunity to bring new life to my work and build deeper

connections with people that support your art,” BYHAZE explains.When life changes brought the musician to a new country, he yearned for a community, which he found within the space of Web3 and NFTs.

“I feel like it just made me appreciate art even more. The space made it safe for me to play again as an artist and not be so caught up in creating from a survival space. I love being able to discover new art from Black artists globally and seeing how innovative we all are.”

Innovation is the name of the game for BYHAZE and another positive asset he found working with NFTs. 

“What I love about the NFT space is you can bring art that you’re created already and give it an entirely new life on the blockchain. There are people who have never heard, seen, or experienced your art, and they’re waiting to collect it.”

Looking ahead
What can we look forward to BYHAZE dropping in the future? Visuals for the already soul-stirring “Affirmations” and collaborations with other innovators and artists that BYHAZE has been working with. And, of course, more venturing into the vast space of NFTs.

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