byhaze got that “magnetic” positivity

March 25, 2019
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Before we knew Shane “Haze” Fuller as a musician, we knew him as a community organizer and activist, co-founder of the Newark, NJ-based Them Cloud Kids non-profit that works on youth empowerment and creative expression via the methods of Ubuntu, a South African philosophy that encourages human kindness and compassion. In other words, a serious-enough fellow that we thought music might just be a hobby. Oh, hell no! Listening to “Magnetic,” Fuller’s banging new single under his solo name BYHAZE, it is obvious that music is hardly a side-hustle. 

A blend of old-school soulful vocals and harmonies, house music rhythms, and wavy vibes (courtesy of local producers Ezrakh and  Nadus), “Magnetic” brings the positivity that Fuller utilizes in his day-work, and applies it to a club tune that is both low-key and glorious, yet also insistent as hell. You’ll be happy hearing it at peak-time, and glad to know that the person making this music is putting in time for causes greater than just good bops. Though, of course, nothing wrong with that either.

Go Follow @IamByHaze – he’s a good one.