laci jordan uses art to take on social injustices in communities

December 29, 2021

Laci Jordan is an uncensored multi-disciplinary creative director and illustrator who creates from a place of authenticity with no filter. From sharing design inspirations to documenting life, her work is bold, distinct and a representation of her own world. Whether it’s graphic design, illustrations or photography, Laci’s dynamic work aims to drive visibility of Black creatives–especially Black women, making the stuff you don’t see by the person you usually don’t see. It’s not surprising that her work is rooted in social justice. Laci holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alabama–the first in Criminal Justice, the second in Design, so her work marries the two disciplines into one. In her latest collaboration, Laci’s work is featured on the packaging of Ben & Jerry’s new limited-batch flavor,Change is Brewing. The flavor aims to encourage Ben & Jerry’s fans to call on their elected officials in Washington to pass The People’s Response Act, a critical piece of legislation supported by The Movement for Black Lives

The People’s Response Act, introduced by Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri, recognizes that safety is a matter of public health, directing the federal government to take a health-centered approach to public safety and investing in trauma-informed, community-based responses that will truly keep people safe. This includes sending unarmed counselors to respond to mental health and substance use crises. 

Jordan says “The People’s Response Act is important because it’s rooted in public safety. When Ben & Jerry’s called, they wanted me to create a world that is free of injustice. I just wanted to incorporate a feeling of what I would feel like if all those things weren’t here, so my work sort of gives you a dream feeling.

Change Is Brewing not only drives awareness of this important piece of legislation but was developed in collaboration with Black business owners including Laci and BLK & Bold, the first Black-owned nationally distributed coffee company, who provided the microground coffee in the flavor. Change is Brewing aspires to invest in Black and Brown communities in three ways: by making it easy to take policy action, by supporting Black artists, and enabling ice cream lovers to vote with their wallets by supporting Black owned businesses.


Learn more about the People’s Response Act, then call on your representatives in Washington to pass this important legislation!