afropunk joins ben & jerry’s in calling on congress to pass the people’s response act

December 22, 2021

The United States is a nation of prisoners. While we are just 5% of the world’s population, we hold 25% of all people incarcerated on the planet – a vastly disproportionate amount of whom are Black or Brown.  We need a new vision of public safety that puts the health of our communities at its center – that’s why AFROPUNK is joining Ben & Jerry’s in support of the People’s Response Act.

Introduced by Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri, the People’s Response Act recognizes that safety is a matter of public health, directing the federal government to take a health-centered approach to public safety and investing in trauma-informed, community-based responses that will truly keep people safe.

“Inspired by the Breathe Act, the People’s Response Act will ensure that a health-centered, investment-focused approach to community safety becomes the law of the land. That’s why passing The People’s Response Act is so important,” says Monifa Bandele, Policy Table Leadership Team, Movement for Black Lives.

The Movement for Black Lives is on the frontlines of the fight for a new vision for public safety that shifts resources away from our historically violent, racist system of policing and towards education, housing, healthcare, and other investments that reduce violence and create real safety in all our communities. But success will take all of us doing our part. 

With the launch of its new limited-batch flavor, Change is Brewing, Ben & Jerry’s is on a mission to not only bring attention to this critical legislative effort, but to reinvest in Black communities in three ways: by making it easy to take policy action, by supporting Black artists, and by voting with your wallets to support Black-owned businesses. The cold brew coffee and marshmallow ice cream features coffee from BLK & Bold, the first Black-owned nationally distributed coffee company. The pint artwork was developed by multi-disciplinary artist Laci Jordan, and features her vision for a world of safety and inclusion for all people.

Click here to learn more about the PRA. Then join us and call on elected officials to pass the People’s Response Act!