ho99o9’s “pigs want me dead” is the epitome of pure vengeance

July 14, 2020
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“If I die, hide ya badges
They gon riot
Till this fucking city burn to ashes”

After three literal decades of conservatives crowing about video games corrupting the youth, the punks in Ho99o9 offer their rejoinder: yes, and? The video for their latest single “Pigs Want Me Dead” places Yeti Bones and TheOGM inside their own GTA-style game squaring off against a squadron of cops. The footage is glorious in its excess, with the pointed detail in the way bullets ricochet off both Yeti Bones and TheOGM’s avatars. The song distills their peerless blend of hip-hop and punk rock into the pure essence of vengeance. Ho99o9’s mastery over the intersection between the digital and IRL remains their greatest super power. The only question: when does the game come out?



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