insecure fans get ready for this issa rae video game

April 1, 2020
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The gaming community is oh so diverse, yet that diversity is rarely reflected in the industry itself. Now, thanks to an exciting team founded by three women of color, that’s all about to change. 

Glow Up Games is a creative tech studio with the purpose of creating experiences for what they describe as “underrepresented majorities”. Understanding that a large number of gamers are people of color, they wanted to create a space where these gamers see themselves reflected in the storytelling, industry and marketing. 

On March 27th, Glow Up Games announced a free-to-play mobile game in conjunction with HBO. The game will be based on of one of our very favorite shows — “Insecure” —  and is scheduled for release later this year to coincide with the premiere of the show’s fourth season. “Insecure: The Come Up” takes place in the world of Issa Dee and her friends and follows their friendships, drama and misadventures. 

Keep an eye out and be sure to support this company for more games from people that look like us!