spinthrift market: delish condish has the skin food you need

April 27, 2020
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With businesses suffering major blows due to mass shutdown and less customers who are able to support during this time, there are so many companies at risk. Our Spinthrift Market series will feature different exceptional Black businesses in need of some love. If you are able to please consider buying from these businesses who we hope can survive this difficult time. Good luck to all the companies working hard to push through!

Today we spoke to Kashmir of Delish Condish, a skin, body and haircare company.

Where are you from/based?
I’m from Cleveland, OH, but I’m currently based in Atlanta, GA.

Tell us about your business.
The main focus of my business was to provide black women especially with skin and hair care meant specifically for our special and unique needs. I create small batch, hand made, mostly plant based products.

What if the goal of your business?
The goal of my business is to create products that deal with the very specific issues black women face in skincare, like hyper pigmentation and eczema. Lots of products that are made for women of other ethnicities tend to have adverse affects on black skin. Our skin and our hair have very different needs in comparison to other ethnicities and it was important to me to make it easier for black women to find solutions for the issues we face.

How has COVID-19 affected you?
COVID-19 has affected me in a huge way. Because so many businesses has ventured into making soap/sanitizer, its very hard for me to find supplies at the moment, especially packaging supplies. Because it’s hard for me to find these supplies, I cannot keep my site stocked with products which in turn mean my sales have suffered.

How would you like to see your business grow in the next few years?
In the next few years I’d love to have grown my product selection, hired a few depended workers and possibly have my items sold in stores.

If you have a donation link let us know!
Feel free to donate at or cashapp: $kthompson216