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black women tear down misogynoir in powerful spoken word short

March 3, 2020
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Set in the idyllic New York cityscapes, three wise women confront misogynoir and the violence of the patriarchy through spoken word. Written and directed by Daryl Paris Bright, Black Girl Poem issues a wake-up call to gendered power inequalities and sexual harassment and abuse within the Black community. Utilizing poetry, animation, and dance, the blistering short film demands the dismantling of toxic social mythologies, including and particularly the dehumanization of Black girls and women at the hands of men and those who chose to perpetuate patriarchal violence.

Earning recognition from the American Black Film Festival, HBO’s Inspiration Room, Sima Studios Social Impact Awards, and AT&T’s Film Awards, Black Girl Poem is a powerful must-watch experience for all. Listen and learn.


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