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Get To Know Tamara Walcott The World Record Holding Powerlifter Super Mompreneur

April 1, 2022

Tamara Walcott is a world record holding powerlifter, Mompreneur, and motivational speaker hailing from the U.S Virgin Island of St. Croix. She’s the supermom the world fell in-love with when a video of her breaking the world record by lifting 641 pounds went viral on social media. The world record holder’s journey hasn’t been easy, but she’s overcome the challenges and has inspired many women and mom’s to be confident in their own endeavours. Following her divorce, Walcott needed an outlet to release her stresses, and that’s when she went on the path of weightlifting. In a period of 4 years, she has been in numerous competitions and has won medals, broke the world record, and al while being a mom and a successful woman. We had the opportunity of sitting down with Walcott and spoke about her amazing journey so far.

1. You’re a six-time deadlift champion and last week, a video of you setting a new World Record by 641 pounds went viral, but let’s start at the beginning, where does your journey into weightlifting start? And why did you decide to go this route?

I played sports growing up and after having two kids to raise and going through a divorce, I needed something that worked around my schedule. I couldn’t join a group women’s basketball team or anything like that because my schedule didn’t permit, but gyms are open 24 hours so I could schedule working out around my kids … when I first joined the gym I didn’t know what powerlifting was, people around me were lifting heavy and that’s when I knew that was for me …  I put 225 on my back after losing 100 pounds and remember thinking that is double the weight I shed!

2. As a single Black mother, what are some of the challenges you’ve experienced so far with weight lifting? 

Mothers guilt was the first thing… people saying you’re in the gym again where are your kids … I literally was going to the gym to save my life … friends and family even made me feel guilty about spending so much time in the gym.

3. As a business owner and a world record breaking Queen, how do you manage to handle the pressures of both business and sports?  

To be honest, training is my therapy. It doesn’t feel like work, and my business is a brand built on empowering others to feel good about the skin they are in. When you love what you are doing it doesn’t feel like work.

4. We’re in the middle of Women’s History Month (WHM) where we’re celebrating women from all walks of life. But I’d like to know from you, what changes would you like to see beyond WHM?  

Women are valued and praised for being beautiful, but when we are strong we are ridiculed.

5. What words of wisdom would you say to the many women who see you as an inspiration? 

There is no dream too big, no obstacle you can’t overcome if you want something, so one thing everyday gets you one step closer to your goal. Another thing you have to be a tiny bit selfish … if you aren’t putting yourself first, how can you take care of the people around you! Lastly treat yourself like a 9-5, don’t get off work and give yourself sloppy seconds.

6. When we shared your video last week, a lot of women wanted to know more about you and follow your journey. Where can people get to interact with you?

They can follow me on IG at @plussize_fitqueen4.0 TikTok @ tamarawalcottshw YouTube TAMARA Walcott!