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aaron mcgruder resurrects ‘black jesus’ for a third season

September 12, 2019
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Creator Aaron McGruder is clearly back for real from a brief creative hiatus with the reboot of his much-beloved series Boondocks and now the Adult Swim return of his series Black Jesus. It’s been four years since the show has aired, wrapping up in 2015, but a third season is in the works and will, unfortunately, mark the first episodes with Charlie Murphy, who portrayed Victor “Vic” Hargrove in seasons 1 and 2. Opening up about the upcoming season, cast member Corey Holcomb spoke about the changes for season 3 and what that will mean for the rest of us.

“They decided to bring Black Jesus back, so we’re getting ready to start filming again in September and that should be fun. It’s gonna be weird without Charlie Murphy on set. We’re gonna get this thing going without him, and I’m sure we’re still gonna make the show good, but it will be different not seeing him on set.”

Check out the trailer for the upcoming third season of Black Jesus, with premieres September 20 on Adult Swim.