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it’s confirmed! ‘the boondocks,’ aaron mcgruder is really coming back

June 13, 2019
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Our generation is mad clingy. I can’t believe we really sang “Let It Go” for the entirety of 2013 but we don’t even know what it means. The first revival of an older beloved series was thrilling. The second? Super cute. The third, ok this is getting a little weird… but the fourth, fifth, sixth, one hundredth? WE GET IT! LET IT GO! WHY MUST WE RUIN EVERYTHING FUN?!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I am here to reveal to you all that I am fake as hell because The Boondocks is back and I am currently two-stepping in my chair. I had nooo idea that I knew how to do a backhand spring but I did one nonetheless because y’all! The social commentary we are about to receive will have been worth wait.

Worry not because Aaron McGruder is still behind the masterpiece of a show. According to Sony, the new show will be a “complete reimagining for the modern era.”

Ahh, can’t wait.