alxndr london honors the ancestors in ‘talking drum’ clip

August 12, 2019
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AFROPUNK Brooklyn performer takes the concept of Sankofa into the spirit world and beyond in his new Almass Badat-directed short film for his song “Talking Drum” from his upcoming IV Merin project.

London describes the mixtape “an anthology of prayers” and the song’s title is a reference to the musical instrument’s use as a communication device in some traditional African societies and in the Diaspora. The video makes the concept even more vivid with London and the featured actors embodying ancestors, deities and a mythical African ronin. Exquisite make-up and wardrobe by MUA Giselle Alie by stylist Troy Oraine combined with excellent cinematography from DP Toby Lloyd and rich colors from colorist Mark Liberty combine to create a visual that feels both futuristic and dreamy.

London, a Londoner of Nigerian descent invokes deity Oludumare to tell the story of reconnection to one’s source, a metaphor for diasporic reconnection to the Motherland.“’Talking Drum’ is an ode to diaspora; a rallying cry, he tells AFROPUNK. “I want us to remember who we are and to honour the sacrifices of our ancestors.”

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