new alxndr london single fuses uk soul and gospel

May 31, 2019

Old friend of AFROPUNK, Alxndr London has fully outdone himself on his new single “Talking Drum,” a soulful fusion of beautiful vocals, deep bass gyrations, and the Black spiritual notions of three separate continents. Produced by Sean “Movement” Walker, the song is a minimalist marvel that fits perfectly alongside FKA twigs (and, for older heads, Massive Attack) as a British reimagining of R&B’s electronic afro-future, with American gospel and African rhythm as deep lyrical and scene-setting inspirations.

Speaking about “Talking Drum,” London said:  “The song is inspired by gospel songs. I would hum and sing along to the hymns and African Spirituals. ‘Talking Drum’ is my prayer. I pray that the waves will
receive and guide the diaspora back home. I pray that it is not too late for change. I pray that these strange, foreign lands are a thing of yesterday. This song not only captures elements of classic soul music, I also have the liberty of exploring minimal electronica to create a prayer like chant, capturing the hallucinatory, euphoric, floating sensation of surrendering to the unknown, in this case water.”

Can’t wait for London to engulf AFROPUNK in his beautiful vision.  He plays AFROPUNK Brooklyn on August 25th.