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radical self care: embracing our menstrual cycles

July 1, 2019
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Menstrual cycles — or moon cycles — are known to be a terrible time. But what if I told you that your menstrual cycle was a connection to the divine feminine? Since the beginning of time, women’s bodies have been commodified and used as global resources. This commodification suggests to most women that their natural processes are more burdensome than beautiful. Ancient cultures considered a woman’s menstrual blood sacred. In fact, blood potency deemed the idea of flushing female blood down a toilet, or throwing it in the garbage, absurd; however, over time, women were taught that their natural bodily fluids were sinful, dirty, and worthy of shame. This is why today, when women have their periods, it is a secret or they rush to the bathroom to hide their feminine products. To embrace your moon cycle and to understand its potency is every woman’s birthright.  

Our menstrual cycle is also called the moon cycle because, like a moon cycle, menstruation lasts 28 days. When we were balanced, when technology did not affect us, and when we were in tune with nature, women would bleed during the new moon, and they would ovulate and be ready to give birth on the full moon. Presently, women are more likely to bleed on the full moon. In ancient times, women’s menstrual cycles were in sync with one another. Women would sit and bleed together, using this time to nourish themselves and each other. During their menstrual cycles, women used introspection to bring forth manifestations. It was also common for men, elders, and children to give women their own space to sit with themselves. Today, women have been disconnected from their cycles.

Feminine energy and feminine gender can be classified as two different things, but on a biological level, the female gender is deeply oppressed on this planet. The female gender operates under a different energy cycle. Females have been forced to operate on a patriarchal system biologically; we are supposed to be in sync with the moon, but we are operating under patriarchal energy. Women are forced to be active in today’s society because of the patriarchy, so they go to work and run errands, but they don’t give themselves the rest their body yearns for each month.  When a woman is on her moon cycle, it is a time to retreat, to self-reflect, and to be present. A woman’s moon cycle presents an opportunity to tap into our heightened intuition; it is an inward time to go back into the womb and feel. It is a time to connect with spirit and to move through old energy. The moon cycle is also a time for care. So much of femininity remains vested in taking care of others, but this is a time to take care of self.

During and just before your menstrual cycle, nature tells your body to relax. Our bodies speak to us all of the time. Cramps and aches, for example, force us to retreat and turn inward.  We become so in tune with our bodies that we can feel everything. Cramps teach us to be present with ourselves and to really feel what’s going on. When women become stressed, our emotions are erratic because we are going against our own energy. We must work with nature to tap into our divine feminine energy so that we can be comfortable with sitting still and being within. 

My moon cycle reminds me of the winter time. It is a time where I want to be within and to be introspective; I feel most internal. Each month, I prepare to bleed and to be internal to allow my body to take on its natural process. I prepare myself by cleaning up my home, burning sage, using CBD, lighting candles, and listening to soothing music. Since the uterus line is shedding, the body needs more iron than usual, so I provide my body extra iron through smoothie blends of banana, strawberries, and kale. I disconnect from technology as much as I can, and I prepare to bleed into my menstrual cup. When I bleed into my cup, I pour my blood back into my garden in the back of my home, and I meditate and thank nature for all she has given to us. My cycle is a time for deep rest and introspection. The vitality, the plasma, and the frequency of menstrual blood are potent on a physical and energetic level to heal. Connecting with menstrual blood has been cultural for years. 

Our blood is not garbage, and it is not trash. Menstrual blood should never be classified in a derogatory manner. Our blood is sacred, and it has stem cells; it is alive, and it is powerful. Most major tampon and pad brands contain plastic and toxic chemicals; moon cups, on the other hand, eliminate these chemicals and provide a safer option. Additionally, moon cups bestow a deeper connection to your blood. All blood is nutrient dense, so women can give their blood back to plants or nature. When you use moon cups, you simply pour your blood into your plants or garden. Menstrual blood is beneficial to plants, and it also holds your genetic code. To pour your blood into your plants or garden is to link your genetics with the land. This delicate process enables women to energetically bond with the land, which is to be in tune with the elements. Some women drink their own blood claiming that it heightens their intuition, gives them more energy, and provides a stronger ability to manifest.

 You should be kind to yourself every single day and you should give yourself love. Women are the divine feminine. A woman who is run by logic is out of touch with her natural essence. Feel your feelings, tune into your intuition, embrace your moon cycle. Care for your womb, and care for your body. Make your menstrual cycle into a celebration; it is another rebirth, and the more in tune you become with it, the more comfortable and satisfying your period will become. In a world built on masculine consciousness, it is time for the divine feminine to return to her essence.

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Words by Satya, a global wellness leader, spiritual yoga and meditation teacher, and the Founder of Women Of Color Healing Retreats, the first wellness retreat for Black women.