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radical self care: dr. sebi & a healing of the nation

June 17, 2019
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Dr. Sebi was a herbalist and medicine man; he healed people through plant-based nutrition. He specifically focused on the Black race, because throughout history there has been extensive research on European, Chinese, Japanese and so many other cultural diets, but never has there ever been research and philosophies that complimented the biological structure of the African. This means that for centuries, people of African descent were eating food that was not consistent with our genes, which in turn has caused a lineage of death and illness in the Black race — genocide.

As a vegan, I can attest to how difficult it is to get Black people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Food is a tradition — but it is always imperative to challenge traditions and be honest about what we learn in the process. Our ancestors made mistakes in the same way; we are human and we make mistakes and evolve every single day. People of African descent did not have access to laboratories to create inorganic food, but this is what was given to us. Not to mention that during chattel slavery, Black people were fed the leftovers of dead animals. We turned those scraps and inorganic foods into tradition, but we quickly learned that those traditions caused severe illness and death because it did not match our molecular structure.

Dr. Sebi’s work liberated Black people by teaching Black people that there had been a violation on our lives through the food we were taught to consume. He was a real hero. His mission was to preserve the Black race through plant-based living. A plant-based lifestyle has been scientifically proven to nourish, to heal, and to reverse several illnesses and diseases. The concept is simple, once you eliminate inorganic food and animal by-products you begin to stop eating acidic food. This allows the body to clear mucus; mucus is known to be the foundation of diseases. We also learn that our mental and emotional health are heavily affected by the food we eat. Dr. Sebi dedicated his life to dissect the food that would maintain hormones, and that would allow the central nervous system to perform seamlessly for optimum health. He taught us that a plant-based lifestyle was the healing of a nation.

Dr. Sebi, like most Black revolutionaries, had a difficult time in the media and press. Once you are within the media or internet, your narrative is no longer yours; it comes with the fame from being able to affect people on a mass scale. African history should always be documented, and only we can tell our truth. Dr. Sebi’s legacy will live on for lifetimes to come, and even in spirit he will continue to spread awareness, self-love, and healing to the Black race and the entire world. Long Live Dr. Sebi!

“The one thing you want to do is to love and that love should begin with you, once you love you, you love the whole world, it’s easy, its delicious to love everybody and everything.” – Dr.Sebi

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Words by Satya, a global wellness leader, spiritual yoga and meditation teacher, and the Founder of Women Of Color Healing Retreats, the first wellness retreat for Black women.