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munroe bergdorf assumes the role of qween and we’re down

February 19, 2019

With hate crimes in London almost doubling since 2014, trans activist and model Munroe Bergdorf has taken it upon herself to write and deliver a speech that her city so badly needs to hear. She combatted the repeated messages of hate the LGBTQIA+ community has been receiving with a call to action. The love letter was uploaded to YouTube with a simple message: 

Good morning, Britain. 

It’s time for an alternative Queen’s Speech.

Our country’s LGBTQIA+ rights need addressing, now.

Long live our qweens.

Bergdorf initially came to major public attention when she became the first transgender model to front a L’Oréal Paris campaign in the UK. She was quickly fired after old Facebook posts resurfaced in which she combatted white supremacy, although white media reported it as “racial violence.” Absurdly hypocritical, L’Oréal attempted to silence Bergdorf for challenging the status quo by removing her from a campaign about highlighting underrepresented people who challenge that exact thing.

Although unfair, they parted ways but Bergdorf left with a strong community of supporters who wanted to see her continue to succeed. Watching this speech highlights Bergdorf as a leader we need; passionate, intellectual and extremely fashionable.