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Chrisean Malone Reinforces How Mothers Deserve Juniors Too

September 27, 2023

I watch reality TV to escape my own reality. While I believe there are amazing lessons to be derived from some of the programming, I am on the fence regarding whether or not some of it is worth the air time. Nevertheless, it plays, and whether or not you like a particular show, if you engage in social media, you’re likely to run into a plot line here or there. 

Of late, Chrisean and Blueface have been reality TV stars that give me the greatest of headaches. Between Chrisean’s multiple Blueface tattoos and social media venting, Blueface running what feels like a “baby momma fight club” and constant gaslighting, and their respective appearances on reality TV, the couple is stressful! Nevertheless, the discourse around them is always interesting to engage when trying to understand different opinions on relationships and responsibilities.

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In recent weeks, the birth of their son has sparked discussion over whether or not children can be their mother’s “Jr.” Named Chrisean Jr after his mother, being a Jr to his mother seemingly offended Blueface if his tweets are anything to be believed.

In addition to the conversation around whether or not a child can be its mother’s Jr., another question of how surnames are passed on became a considerable talking point. As someone who bears my mother’s surname as my middle name and my father’s surname as my surname, the idea of children only carrying on the name of one parent seems outdated to me. Nevertheless, the custom is that children carry their father’s name. At the same time, this custom goes further to note that men are responsible for continuing a family name, while women are responsible for birthing it. All of which heavily support patriarchal family structures and values. 

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In the present day, while my personal beliefs don’t find patriarchy appealing, I can leave room to consider the people who choose it for themselves. That’s the wonderful thing about having a choice. I am surprised, however, when men who are the least bit patriarchal attempt to lean into the rights reserved for men of the patriarchy when attempting to exercise control over the mothers of their children. Blueface is an excellent example of this, but more recently Keke Palmer’s co-parent, Darius Jackson is an equally good example. After publicly shaming Keke for how she behaved and dressed at an Usher concert in Las Vegas, many took to Twitter (aka X) to defend her and lecture him for his behavior. Neither man behaves in line with the responsibilities set according to patriarchy, both having impregnated women outside of wedlock.

In the households mentioned above, the women, the mothers of these children are making decisions on how to raise their children as single mothers. As Chrisean and Keke Palmer’s family and children are discussed online, other mothers have shared their experiences with their co-parents. 

Based on how people interacted with the discourse, it only reinforced the idea that women are seen as mere birthing incubators. Somehow, we do not deserve for our children to bear our names or be named after us. Somehow, the only legacy worth continuing is that of their fathers or our own fathers. 

Without having spoken to Chrisean, we can’t assume this is the conversation that she meant to spark by naming her son Chrisean Malone Jr. Without speaking to Keke Palmer directly, we can’t know whether she plans to adopt her co-parent, Darius’s “traditional values” when raising their son. Nevertheless, in 2023, I believe that women are more than just incubators for another man’s legacy. Mothers should be equally represented where the naming of their children is concerned.