Aartwork by Gian Carlo Bernal


monsters take over new orleans in this neo-noir comic book

January 25, 2019
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Created by Newton Lilavois for Dream Fury Comics, Crescent City Monsters is the exciting comic book series set in New Orleans. A neo-noir superhero comic, the series follows sorcerer and blues musician Jonas as he grows up in the enchanted city. Set in 1963, the series opens on the night of Jonas’s first paying gig. But all is not what it seems when the world around him turns dark and the monsters of NOLA turn on him. With a bounty on his head, the monsters are sent to hunt him down. Rich with Creole history and vodoun, we embark on a wild ride with Jonas as he aims to destroy those who threaten him and protect the people he loves.

Crescent City Monsters launched last fall, a project Lilavois had been working on for some time, through publisher Dream Fury Comics and features artwork by Gian Carlo Bernal. You can read the first chapter free online and purchase additional pages once you get hooked. If you loved it, definitely consider purchasing chapter 1 of Crescent City Monsters to help the team finish up chapter 2!