this action/horror comic about a sorcerous singer will have you holding your breath for more!

January 17, 2018
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Crescent City Monsters is an action/horror webcomic following a New Orleans sorcerer, lead singer of a blues band and freedom fighter whose life is upended by the presence of a mysterious spirit. Created by Newton Lilavois for Dream Fury Comics, Crescent City Monsters is a available for free online, with new pages added regularly as the suspenseful story progresses.

Jonas is a sorcerer and lead singer of a three-piece band called the Mardi Gras Chiefs. After being warned by an owl and crow that a foreign spirit was in town, Jonas heads off for a gig, and is stopped by a racist police officer on the way. Demonstrating his spirit of resistance, Jonas puts a spell on the officer before escaping to the club, but there is more danger to come. When he leaves the show with his girlfriend, Jonas is attacked by gnome-like creatures called Grunches, and is struck by powers he didn’t even know he had.

Featuring eye-popping art (all in black and white) and a fast-paced story, Crescent City Monsters isn’t one to miss! Check it out for free here.

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