afropunk joburg: metal, leather & the city of gold

January 1, 2019

Photos by Zamalisa Mdoda for AFROPUNK

As African punks take over Johannesburg’s Constitution Hill for New Year’s weekend, leather and precious metals stole the show in vibrant and refreshing ways, far removed from customary punk styling. The dyed leathers paired with African steam-punk accessories wandering the festival grounds with an aura of unencumbered Blackness hinted at new kind of punk being introduced to the world – the Motherland Punk.

Festival-goers fashioned a new conception of punk rock outside of the silver metals and black leathers that encompass the essence of edge. It is, after all, the city of Gold and her children did not disappoint in their homage, donning crowns, sunglasses and various accessories that speak to the city’s mining heritage. Ironically, a different kind of Gold-rush is taking place in Johannesburg, as the city becomes a new capital for alternative African style, attracting visitors the world over to witness this new sartorial boom.

Essentially, in this case, all that glitters is definitely Gold.