black people can’t learn while black either, it seems

November 14, 2018
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The newest addition to the group of white people doing too damn much around Black people is a white lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Anita Moss, a Biology lecturer, called the cops on a Black student who had her feet up in class, according to The Root.

Moss had gone on a “tirade” in a previous class, complaining about the lack of civility shown by students who weren’t paying attention, according to student Apurva Rawal. Moss decided to retaliate by calling campus police on a Black student after calling out a few students. Rawal captured video of the incident involving his classmate, using it to defend the Black girl who he described as not “talking or interrupting the lecture.”

The Black student, who goes by @FavoritePaigeee on Twitter, replied to Rawal’s tweets, identifying herself as the student in question and shedding light on why Moss had the police escort her out of the classroom. She even thanked her classmates for supporting her and calling out Moss for being a disruptive force for students.



Racists knowingly putting Black people in danger when they choose to call the police on Black people “not adhering to their authority.” They see Black kids being killed by the police just like the rest of us but the difference is that specific violence reaffirms the superiority they believe that whiteness has instilled in them.

Moss felt her authority as a teacher was threatened so she turned to the reliable method of making a Black student an example. It’s the same way that Trump makes “examples” of Black reporters in White House briefings. Whiteness has a script and rarely deviates from it. Thankfully, Moss will not be teaching the remainder of her lectures and the university is conducting an investigation into the matter with their Office of Equal Opportunity Services looking into a possible discrimination case.

Did Moss know she could call the 1-800-WYT-FEAR hotline? It’s toll-free.