cop-calling racists get their own hotline

October 23, 2018

The pandemic of white people harassing Black people just living their lives has overtaken social media in a way that only Black Twitter could orchestrate. Now, thanks to Niecy Nash, The New York Times and the evergreen power of satire, there’s a number for those Jim Crow nostalgists to use when the sight of Black people being happy and content has them triggered.

Nash hosts a satirical old-school commercial (we see them shoulder pads girl) where she plays the inventor of hotline 1-844-WYT-FEAR, that White people can call anytime they’re compelled to call the police on Black folk just living their lives in the vicinity. It’s real folks. The hotline even accommodates White people provoked by the sound of Spanish by warning them to block their ears as the Spanish options are listed.


This is genius-level trolling, with a social-good element that we’re here for. So spread the word to the Barbecue Becky’s of the world before Black people start to lose their sense of humor.

Speaking of Black people: when do we get a hotline to report White people abusing 911?