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laverne cox: slaying godmother of trans awareness week

November 16, 2018
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November 12th to 19th is Transgender Awareness Week and transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox commemorated the occasion by gifting a young transgender man with a life-changing surgery according to Cox went on Ellen Degeneres’ digital series Fearless, hosted by model Ashley Graham, and met with Rickey, a 25-year-old transgender man from a conservative family in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rickey spoke to Graham about his struggles with his confidence as a trans man who has not undergone top surgery. “I used to get up, like 5:00, in the morning to take showers so I wouldn’t have to look at myself in the mirror,” he told Graham. “The hoodies, it’s to hide my chest because I have to bind, and it makes me flat-chested and they don’t know. Top surgery will make me more confident in myself because I feel trapped right now. But this is who I am, and I don’t have to hide it anymore.”

Graham then surprised Rickey with a visit from Cox that literally brought the young man to his knees. This moment was powerful, emotional and affirming as, up until that point, Rickey had not met another openly trans person. Can you imagine having an absolute goddess like Laverne Cox being your first introduction to the breathtaking expanse of the trans experience? I’d cry too! Cox was her usual illuminating and warm self, encouraging Rickey to love himself out loud and hold on tight to the people who love him as he is.

The beautiful encounter was topped off with Cox offering Rickey $10,000 for his top surgery. Y’all. Tears. It is one of those pure and magical moments that every trans person deserves. It’s the world trans people should live in; an understanding, emotional and financially supportive environment open to varying yet equally important life-journeys. It’s beautiful. Watch it.

Happy Transgender Awareness Week!