rahbi’s soulful new track wishes you a ‘better life’

September 24, 2018
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There are two great, non-competing storylines in Rahbi‘s new video, “Better Life,” and both of them harken back to a golden age when music videos liked to tell stories (whether or not their songs did) and reveled in affluence without involving copious amounts of luxury signifiers.

One of the narratives involves Rahbi as a black leather-clad magical savior showing up to rescue a trick miserably hanging around suburban motels, by using nothing but more than fairy dust and sparkly stick-on tattoo. The other set of images sees Atlanta singer and his dancers channeling classic Earth, Wind & Fire vibes, which at least partially emanate from how the gold chains and the pyramid gleam next to Rahbi’s glorious smile.

Like much of the Atlanta singer’s work, “Better Life” mirrors a celestial energy beyond mere genre—dig how he draws out the word “unconditionally” into a full six-syllable line, invoking the late great Prince Rogers Nelson—while reimagining the principles of both freedom and pleasure.  May the dance-floor be yours forever.