premiere: goya gumbani & kiina cruise through london in the “what’s the prize” video

August 28, 2020

Calm, cool, contemplative. That’s the overarching vibe of Brooklyn-born/London-based rapper Goya Gumbani and Scottish producer’s Kiina’s excellent 2020 collaborative project, The Lesser-Known. That vibe is made visual in the moody, cinematic video for the first song on the project, “What’s The Prize”.

Directed & Edited by Honey JD of LoudHouse Productions, the video features the duo being driven through the streets of South East London under a sky that toggles between the indigo of pre-dawn night and the hazy, purplish-blue of a day just beginning. For the final scene, we get Kiina, Goya, and their fashionable crew sitting down for a card game beneath a Grace Jones poster, a nod to the iconoclastic style they embody in the present day.

According to Goya the song concept and its abstract video are just “another piece of the puzzle.” Something to help you ponder where you place value just as he has, “What I’m starting to realize is that the most important thing we have is time, It’s a forgotten form of currency.” At just over two minutes the video for “What’s The Prize” is brief but nonetheless watching it for its meditative tone is time well spent.