video premiere: blackness is a witsful wonderland in soul-pop maven iris gold’s ‘roll it out’ video

August 9, 2018
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London-born, Copenhagen-bred singer/songwriter Iris Gold paints a nostalgic picture of blackness with a modern twist in the video for her new single ‘Rolling Out’. Each frame feels cinematic, as the video follows Gold navigating activities considered staples of Black life with an retrofuturistic flair. The video is a wistful portrait of old and new, much like the single that combines throwback soul with modern hip hop beats, grounded by a pop hook that brings you back to that Summer atmosphere that made you feel like you were in a movie.

”It’s the song to get down to at the local BBQ. Or the one tune you put on when you roll out with your crew with the top down, shades on and just feeling fly. It’s about letting go and starting over fresh. About living your life to the max. Rolling out life like a movie and trying to make it a smash a blockbuster. Not just being the viewer in front of the screen but really take part. You cannot pause your life when shitty things happen. Life just keeps rolling and you gotta just move with it”.

Gold’s energy is unique and infectious and it finds its way into every blackity-black nook and cranny of the video. The same energy transforms the song into a feel-good anthem that is balanced by the presence of Ghanain rapper M.anifest. In her quest to show a slice of black life, her feel-good production and vocals paired with images of Black people just being Black results in a display of magic that can only be attributed to unapologetic blackness.