the different tones of black skin in brazilian favelas are poppin’ in this photo series

August 14, 2018
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Jacaré moda is a Rio-based modeling agency that works with models that hail exclusively from lower income areas like the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. This pioneering agency worked with Brazilian photographer and stylist Fernanda Mansur to shoot in Jacarezinho, the birthplace of the agency and some of its models.

Jacarezinho is considered a high-risk area but the group shot there anyway because “it was important for us to make true beauty in a very real reality,” says Mansur. The project fostered a sense of community within the imagery and behind the scenes as some of the models would crash on the couches of fellow models because their commutes were long and transportation was an issue.

Brazilian filmmaker and photographer Saulo Nicolai also collaborated on the project by shooting a fashion film called ‘IMPULSE’. The film gives movement to the rainbow of melanin that enriches these images, adding a layer of personality and quirk to the breathtaking beings that give life to each shot.


PHOTO AND STYLING: Fernanda Mansur (@mansurfe)
BEAUTY: Graucianna Santos (@graudebeauty)
BEAUTY assist.: Emanoel Reis (@emanoel.reis)
FASHION PRODUCTION: Gabriela Carvalho (@gabiicarvalho1 and @made_in_brecho)
MODEL AGENCY: Jacaré Moda (@jacaremoda)

Hanna Tomaz: @hannartomaz
Camila Reis: @reispreta
Cesar: @elacesanne
Byo: @oibyo
Vivian Nascimento: @vi_nas
Raquel Felix: @raquelfelixd