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let the motherland call out to you with this queer trio’s video filmed in dakar

August 14, 2018
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From playing community shows to opening for Princess Nokia in the span of 3-4 years, Black queer trio ‘Strange Froot’ have parlayed their personal journeys on identity into a journey up the ranks of the Indie world. The MTL-based girl group traveled to Dakar to shoot the video for their most popular song ‘The Wanderer’ while also managing to use the Senegal trip as a means to explore their black identities as biracial children of the diaspora. Mags (half Senegalese and Ghanaian but born and raised in the US), SageS the youngest, (hailing from a Jamaican-Canadian family), and Naika Champaigne the middle child (Haitian-Quebecker) invite you into a dreamy depiction of the Motherland as they traipse along the markets and beaches of Dakar.

“The Wanderer\”, a song about the trials and tribulations of Black Americans, but more broadly what it means to be of the diaspora, holds special meaning to each of us, and we were faced with them during the trip. What it means to be first-generation African-America, what it means to be biracial, what it means to connect music, ancestry, and spirituality; all of these themes (and more) come to a head in our upcoming music video.

The video conflates the journey home with the journey inward, opening with a scene that includes the line “Mama reaches out to all her children. Don’t worry if you missed the call. She will always leave a message for you to pick up.”

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