embrace your goofy side and play your music loud with electro-soul duo garçons’ carefree new video

August 10, 2018
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Ottawa duo Garçons (comprised of singer/songwriter Deelo and producer/director Julian Strangelove) are back at it with their retro-inspired goofy funky selves in their latest video ‘Hang With Us’. The video was shared in celebration of the release of their debut EP ‘Body Language’ which is a funk, soul and R&B infused jam-session influenced by the likes of Pharrell and Frank Ocean.


A post shared by Garçons (@realgarcons) on Aug 5, 2018 at 12:55pm PDT

“It’s all about kicking it with friends, playing your music loud, acting like fools and just having a good ass time,” Strangelove says about the song’s inspiration. “Something you’d jam to on a sunny summer afternoon.” The video carries the same energy as we witness this eclectic pair getting up to shenanigans with friends. Deelo dresses up as three different characters: Professor Cletus, Pavel and Deelo himself getting their bowling on. Strangelove can be seen strumming on an electric guitar as the duo jam freely in an apartment. The video is the epitome of carefree with aesthetic – the embodiment of “goofy…but make it fashion.”

“Deelo and I love embracing the things that make us human and we love to talk about that in the music. Hopefully, the listener can find something within the song to relate to. And if it makes them smile, dance, laugh or cry – we’ve done a good job. There aren’t any boundaries in our creative process and we hope that manifests itself in the music.” – Julian Strangelove

Go on, Hang With Them. You got nothing to lose…