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300 priests raped 1000 children, yet no one asks all christians to say ‘not in my name’

August 16, 2018
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Every couple of years it becomes more apparent that the Catholic Church has an institutional problem with sexual assault and spiritual abuse. Not ‘a few bad apples’, but a global practice of enabling and covering up abuse and protecting abusers. And for most it’s still not responsible to suggest that every Catholic is a sexual predator, right? Because unlike the Muslims of the world, Catholic’s aren’t responsible for the horror that occurs under their own auspices.

Religion is easily exploited by the same types of people who pursue the highest levels of power within government or in industry. That’s, obviously, not to say that every business owner and every state governor is a child molester. But research would have you reason that there would be a higher concentration of psychopaths and sociopaths in a room of top CEOs than there would be in a room of kindergarten teachers. Many of the skills necessary to find success and thrive at these elite levels overlap with symptoms of antisocial personality disorders.

If “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and rape is about power, then the men who seek power over the spiritual lives of others—a-one-of-a-kind, existential type of power—are only further enabled to practice their most sadistic, violent fantasies once given the chance.

As @MuslimIQ pointed out on Twitter, “terrorism has no religion”. And I would argue that ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ wears Islam like a rapist priest wears his collar.

Still, now everyone knows that the Church has for decades, if not centuries operated a system of child abuse, cover-ups, and rapist protection. Celebrating clerics accused of unspeakable crimes with promotions and access to unwitting children in new, far-away communities. And these same fucking people have the audacity to one second fix their lips to point fingers at Muslims and Islam or condemn health care safety in

So while the racial and religious “minorities” in America are forced to be monolithic, what are Catholics going to do about their culture of child rape? The culture that allows members of the parish to stay silent when they hear whispers. What are y’all going to do about the folks in Vatican City who stalled and then failed to deliver any serious call to action about their latest scandal? How are we supposed to know you’re a “Good Catholic” and not one who supports child molestation? Do something.

Individuality is a white privilege. But better believe, terrorism has no religion.


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