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the catholic church has no business talking about “values” when they’ve protected so many pedophiles

August 15, 2018
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The Catholic Church has once again betrayed its charge with the children and families of the church, as revealed by a horrific new report by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court detailing the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by 300 priests since the 1950s.

“This is incredibly uncomfortable for the Catholic Church,” said Terence McKiernan, co-founder, and president of BishopAccountability.Org, which tracks sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church. “It’s always dealt with these problems as problems with the priests when it dealt with them at all. Now the whole system is on view.”

Yeah, sucks to be “uncomfortable”…

If this sounds familiar that’s because it is. This is far from the first in-depth, long-term investigative report to reveal the systematic sexual abuse of boys and girls within the church, just in the U.S. alone. The 2015 film Spotlight chronicled the investigation that exposed nearly 100 abusive priests in Boston.  And at this point, I’m of the opinion that it’s safe to say that abusing children is woven into the fabric of global Catholicism. From Kenya to Australia. As demonstrable by a systematic practice of cover-ups and priest relocation and the extremely high numbers of known abusers and survivors alone.

Even more frightening, those who are just as accountable for this violence are the utterly endless chain of rape enablers and accomplices who let the abuse continue. The “good Catholics” who wanted to protect the church more than they wanted to protect children. The monsters who allowed crimes against humanity to feaster and breed in their communities and places of worship.

“There’s still cover up everywhere,” said Michael Rezendes, former Spotlight reporter.

Netflix’s 2017 docuseries The Keepers explored the systematic sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse of former students at a Baltimore Catholic school after a beloved and rightfully suspicious nun was murdered.



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