with ‘no f*cks to give’, nu-disco soulstress adeline is unapologetic in her sexy new video “emeralds”

July 6, 2018
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Oozing with funk and bound in sumptuous neo-soul, AFROPUNK Brooklyn performer Adeline proves there’s no shame in her game when it comes to matters of love in her latest video, “Emeralds”. Ignoring matters of the material world with a hypnotizing and brazen attitude for the sexy true fantasy even Sade would approve of.

“It’s about loving someone for who they are and not what they have. Can’t buy the heart with gold. It’s also about encouraging women to seek their own achievements first, and not wait for a man to provide them with financial stability – because we are more than capable of getting it on our own. I would love to see a shift in this notion of waiting for Prince Charming and raise little girls to dream of being powerful and independent instead.”